by Climb up the Clouds

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Sulzbach-Rosenberg 2016


released April 1, 2016

All words and music by Climb up the Clouds except german lyrics of "Talking about Progression" shamelessly stolen from Heisskalt
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Soundsix-Recording Sulzbach-Rosenberg.
All artwork done by Robin Greipl.




Climb up the Clouds Sulzbach Rosenberg, Germany

Emo hearts looking for shows!

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Track Name: Grund
Das Meer bleibt voll von uns
und doch ein Teil von euch
pflanzt tiefverwurzelt, dornenreiche Zäune
zur Abgrenzung vom lautschreienden Grund

So unbekannt die Opfer sind dem Schlächter,
so trüb mancher Blick vor lauter Fett,
so anspruchslos der Teil der zwanghaft Stillen,
so unverzichtbar also euer Wort?

Das Meer bleibt voll von uns,
so lange ihr nicht seht:
Wir alle gehen unter,
wenn einer stirbt am Grund.

Denkt nicht es geht vorbei,
vom tatlosen Verweilen!
Denkt nicht es geht vorbei,
denn es geht nicht vorbei.
Track Name: Riedlhof '12
Here we are again
have we ever left,
have we ever gone away?
Will we ever leave?
Are we the future,
effacing the past,
Are we this kind of people,
who will make the future last.

The sand in my hourglass
coming out of nowhere,
flying away, like birds,
scared, by that horrible face of the scarecrow
scared of what will come

Like the raindrops in a storm
falling from the sky
and washing all our tears
to the ocean,
where nobody can say,
if the tears were tears of joy and happiness
or if they are tears of pain and fear.

Oh I dont know the answer,
I will never know,
I will always wonder,
were our time did go.
I will think back
to those youthful days
when the sun did shine,
on your laughing face.

I will think of you,
like I always did,
when your tears were falling,
when the feelings bit.
will you think of me,
like you always did,
when I wiped your tears aw ay,
and promised you "it will be ok"

I once had a dream, more like a vision
40 years from now,
40 years of thinking, 40 years of wondering:
will you still be there, will you still be mine
will you wait for me, all this time?

You were there, you all were,
Tears ran down my face, while you closed me in your arms,
40 years from now, in an unknown town.
Track Name: Prince of Denmark
We were born to die and raised to fall
only death justifies the beings
"Thus conscience does make cowards of us all"
Life is just a search for reasons.

My foolishness, it was sanctified
and I was blamed for asking why
"Things we were not born to know"
Worlds I was not born to stay

Ocean, speak with anodyne voice, calm
down my heart with tender waves and
Take my body, it's just sand in your circular hands

Freedom of choice, freedom of death

With eyes fixated on the light
Would you confess your sins?
Will I forgive the lies,
the things I can depend?

Ending something means to start again
moving onward.
Conquer worlds, no traveller returns
I don't look back
Neither do I regret things that made me smile.

Breath in now, one last time.
Track Name: Talking about Progression
„The first thing really makes me happy
and the second will weaken much sooner as it might seem“

I sayed all in vain and collapsed of your absence.
Will you re-read our discussions,
remind all the talks about love,
about anarchy and how we get through?
Through all that will keep us from being appropriate
fulfilling the purpose that dwells in our heart,
that dwells in us as deep as the wish to destroy all the borders.

I stopped cutting my hair the same day you did,
at least to see which ones grow longer or thinner,
just a matter of opinion.
(What do you call it?)

The fact, that the day does not matter at all,
the first of us cutting his hair ends again;
at least that no time will exist when you're back?

You will come back, won't you?
Or someone else?
Please tell me soon,
so I can listen to myself if I changed the same way.

If we still can fit,
still can talk
about consumption,
If we still can sit
quietly on your rooftop
overworked by simply not knowing,
wether to celebrate the smoke of our cigarettes
or the beauty of the starlit sky,
roofing our bodies - nothing shall be roofing our minds

All of it has too much intensity,
we should start to reunion what was lost
and defend the time that's left in this wonderfull
but obviously too soon-ending life that we are fighting.